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The bums have discovered ping- pong.
It looked like they were both using brand new paddles. I wondered where they came from. Maybe gifts from the ping pong god.
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We go forward.

This is too deep to comprehend.

I feel like this all the time. Sometimes, you really want to scroll back, share what you’ve learned. And you just can’t.

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The New York real-estate market is now the premier destination for wealthy foreigners with rubles, yuan, and dollars to hide.

He’s four months behind on rent. He’s in housing court, on the verge of getting evicted. He says his kids will live at his church for awhile so he can work and save up some money.


People who, like Odigie, sit precariously on the edge of personal calamity don’t need much of a push to slip over. The rent will do it. The rent does do it. Often.


Basically, American businesses are not overly concerned by impacts from climate change. There’s good reason for this: government hand outs. Flood, fire, and natural disaster insurance is subsidized by the US taxpayer. And, whenever there’s a major disaster from, say, a snow storm, hurricane, or tornado, both state and federal governments clean up the mess - often rebuilding in the same exact spots where the damage can occur in perpetuity. Businesses, to say the least, have little incentive to be worried about natural and human-made hazards… 



A mix of nature to create beautiful afrocentric street art

Beauty is everywhere that one looks with passion in their eyes

Thanking my stars every day to be married to such a talented and wonderful lady. if you’re in the DC area, her work’s up this weekend as part of Art Hop Takoma.

The Elephant Leaves the City

Migration I


Raising the Moon

Little Bird



Tenement Abstract



Polka spots


I’ve been quiet through all these stories of comics-scene rape threats because I’ve been steadily working on comics that directly address the problem of rape… in modern Indian culture:

THE SONG OF PRIYA is an AR-enabled comic using Hindu gods to discuss rape problem in modern India in…

Been hearing about this work for months… so proud to see it finally seeing the light of day!


Star Trek speaks to some basic human needs, that there is a tomorrow - it’s not all going to be over with a big flash and a bomb. This is the human adventure. It’s just begun.

Dreamers. They’re what keep us all going when the water’s up to our heads.

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